The Struggle is Real

And that struggle is…drum roll please…finding a job in your field after college.


If you didn’t choose the Journalism path like I did then…congratulations! You’re probably employed with a job relevant to your degree.

I graduated on May 19, 2013 from Columbia College Chicago and although I didn’t start applying until August of that year, I can honestly say I’ve applied for 40+ jobs and…nothing.

But, I do have a job. A job that spoils me. I’m a bank teller, therefore I have bankers hours. I have major holidays off and don’t work later than 7:00pm. Any human being that has worked in retail can understand why this job is a Godsend.

I’ve been an usher, dealing with morons who can’t tell row 15 from row 56 and I’ve been a cosmetic clerk at Walgreens, which wasn’t just about helping little old ladies find a lipstick that suits them. In fact one night before closing some geeky guy came in looking very shy and embarrassed. He had brown hair that was balding and he was husky, that being the nice word. I asked, “How may I help you?” Just for him to respond that he needed condoms, but he couldn’t find any that were small enough to fit him. Yes, I said small. Imagine a 17-year-old girl whose stomach is cramping because she’s doing everything in her power to not spit out a laugh in this middle-aged mans face. He never got his condoms by the way…he told me he had to order them online. Thanks for the TMI sir!

Last but not least, I’ve been a deli-clerk. Before I go off on a tangent, I will state that I CANNOT STAND PEOPLE AND THEIR FUSSINESS WITH FOOD! One time I was slicing salami for a lady and when I held the meat in front of her face she began to complain, “This is too thick, could you slice it thinner?” Sure lady. I walked over to the slicer and PRETENDED to turn the dial. I then sliced another piece, waved it in front of her face for a second time and she was pleased. Little did she know.

As a working girl I’ve realized people are painstakingly particular about anything and everything, regardless the industry. Now I constantly get post-it notes with denominations of how people want their cash from their $1352.67 withdrawal and let me tell you, they break it down to a “T.”

It really is true what country music star Billy Currington says, “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.”



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