Forgive Me

For I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging. The cardinal rule that is: one must thought post on their blog as if it is their job. Oops.

Well we all have lives (real jobs) and busy schedules, but that is no excuse for ignoring yourself.

After graduating I went on a “writing hiatus.” I kept thinking, “Hey Dana, you’ve been writing for five years straight so give yourself a break.” Well that break turned into a year, hence why I started this blog. I rant, I rave, I have emotions and writing has always helped me deal with my crazy mind.

As a kid I wrote poems. When I got older and read them I thought they were stupid, but hey, they meant something to me at the time. I’m a hopeless romantic, so as a teenager there was a lot of “I love him, I hate him, I wanna burn you in the eye with a cigarette so you can feel how I feel…” Okay that last part was a little dramatic, but teenagers are dramatic.

My motto is and always has been that the paper doesn’t judge you. Write exactly what you feel. However, if you don’t want anyone to read what you feel, then you better lock that journal up in a safe with a pass code.


2 thoughts on “Forgive Me

  1. I did have a password journal but you always broke into it. So I’d like to add that the safest place might be to bury it in the backyard.

    I like reading these. I hear a different voice from you than normal in them and I think it’s b/c these are more real to you. You’ll be on the Travel Channel in no time! 👍

    1. All I needed to break into it was a pen or a pencil. You broke into mine too! Were those one of the gifts that we got together? Like the time we both got My Size Barbie for Christmas? Thank you for your kind words. I never really shared my writing with people before. Not unless it was for a school assignment and I’m not gonna lie, I’m loving the feedback. 🙂

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