Jason Graduated High School Today



If you’ve read my first and second posts you’ll learn that I am the oldest sister of my two handicapped brothers Jason and Sean.

Today I was a proud sister when my brother Jason graduated from high school at the age of 21. Most of you are probably thinking, “Most students graduate at 18 or 19,” but disabled children are allowed to be in school until they are 21 or 22, depending on when their birthday is.

Jason has attended North Side Learning Center in Chicago, IL for the past 7 years. He was very popular, not only with the ladies but with the teachers, his friends, and everyone he came in contact with.  He really knows how to make someone feel special and he’s not shy. He’ll greet you with a hug if he’s known you for years, or if you just met he’ll say, “Hi” while giving you a wave.

I am so honored to be this kids sister. He has the biggest heart and an even bigger personality.

He doesn’t like change but his future plans are to go to a day school. One that he will choose himself. Two options are up in the air right now, but Jason will be the one to decide which one he likes best. Whatever his decision is, there will be friends wherever he goes, old and new.

I’ve never met anyone that loves school as much as he does. He’d live in a school if he could. He’s been saying the word “bus” everyday for as long as I can remember and he has accepted the fact that he will no longer be riding one. It is the end of an era for him. Now he gets to ride in the “van,” his second favorite vehicle.

It’s time for Jason to roll with the changes…literally.




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