Life’s About Taking Risks

I’ve always had a passion for food. I love to eat it, cook it, write about it, etc…and since my Journalism degree is getting me nowhere I regret not going to culinary school with each day that passes.

My cousin Katie and I always planned to have our own show on the Travel Channel someday. Her college background revolves around law enforcement so she would reign as security on set while I do all the writing and camera business. Our topic of choice: Profiling all of the places that are handicap accessible in the world and providing makeovers to those that are not.

That’s original enough for me. While growing up, everyone always thought I would become a physical or occupational therapist and my response to them was, “No thanks I’m around handicapped people everyday…I don’t want to make a living out of it.” I still don’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help people out. A girl has to be her own person and branch out from the life she’s all too familiar with.

If I could create a show like that it would be a dream come true. I could travel the world with my brothers while gaining independence and  staying true to the world I know best.

With all that said, I applied for a job with the Travel Channel tonight…it’s for a Sales Assistant Position for the Food Network and Cooking Channel…it’s a long shot, but life is about taking risks right?


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