Friday the 13th with a side of Full Moon

First of all: Never trust a man to give you a neat manicure.

I’ve been going to a local nail salon by my house for 10 years now and occasionally the owner (who’s a man) fills in for the ladies when they’re busy. I was already running on lack of sleep because I made the mistake of sleeping with my windows open the night before. I’ll have you know that I’m surrounded by loud, obnoxious dogs on all corners of my house that like to bark at 6 o’clock in the morning to the point where it makes me wish I had a shotgun. Thanks neighbors. 

Anyway, after his grunts of impatience because I couldn’t relax my hand, he cakes on nail polish to the point where it wasn’t going to dry for at least 30 minutes and if it did, I’d smudge it regardless. Which I did! He also went outside the lines on 8 out of 10 nails so I left the salon with messy smudged nails. I didn’t have the patience or the time for him to fix them. Needless to say I could’ve done a better job myself, for free.

My day of bad luck continued when I got home and had a taste for a salami sandwich. A pound of salami was sitting in the fridge for weeks, so naturally I thought it would still be there. Nope. My dad threw it away because it was old. Oh well, there was ham. So I just made the best out of that situation.

Back in February I booked a weekend downtown for my mother for Mother’s Day and that weekend happened to be this one. As if my day wasn’t going smooth already I had the pleasure of riding the “L train.” We get to the station and once again I have to deal with this stupid Ventra system that took over the rail system. I followed the directions and then after inserting my last dollar, the machine says “transaction not complete” and spits my money out, but not before it tells me to see the cashier. The cashier verbally instructed the directions I just followed, meanwhile we’re missing our train because we have to wait in line again and deal with this crap. Naturally after doing it a second time with this lady hovering over my shoulder. It worked.  

We finally got downtown and I was able to enjoy myself…after a few wine flights. 

Second of all: I would’ve blogged about this sooner, except the hotel we were staying at wanted to charge me $18 to use the wireless connection. Complimentary my ass…






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