The Rug was Pulled Out from Under My Feet


I’ve recently succumbed to the feelings of the phrase, “when it rains it pours,” as well as the meaning of the Beatles lyrics, “I’ve been working like a dog.”

The Journalism job I was rooting for was over before it even started. I applied for a position where I was one step away from it being final, but once the head cheeses had a meeting they decided to eliminate the position.

Optimistic thought #1: I got further in this interview process than I have in the 40+ jobs that I’ve applied for.

Optimistic thought #2 is the typical, “The one that is meant to be will come along when the time is right.”

I’ve also decided that I’m not settling for just anything because it pays. I don’t want a writing job that’s going to pay me $1 per 100 words because it’s not worth my time. These words that I’m typing right here are for free, but I’m writing them because I feel good expressing my own feelings on my own time.

And I thank you all for listening to my rants and stories. I’m keeping this one short, yet sweet…before I apply for 3 more jobs.


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