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Points Deducted for Slacking…

Jason (left) and Sean (right) in Branson, MO relaxing on a warm Summer day.
Jason (left) and Sean (right) in Branson, MO relaxing on a warm Summer day.

Ya know I really am trying to make a habit out of this blog thing.

I’ve been working a lot lately, (I know, no excuse) but that just makes life boring and there wasn’t anything exciting I could think of to share with you peeps.

However, there is a cute story that I would like to share.

Last Thursday my boyfriend and I went out to dinner and when I came home Jason was pointing to his wheelchair. It was past his bedtime and I wasn’t about to take him for a walk, so I offered him cookies instead. Fair trade, right?

There were 6 Nestle’ Tollhouse cookies in the fridge so I baked them all.

It is here where I need to mention that Sean is a cookie monster. No exaggeration. Ever see that episode of Family Guy where the cookie monster is hiding in a bathroom stall with a spoon full of cookie dough and a lighter? Yeah, that’s Sean.

Anyway…I have the cookies on the plate and I can’t get them to Jason without passing Sean first. So I sit on the floor and they both flock to me like moths to a flame.

As Sean is tugging on my arm, I feed Jason the first cookie. Which after he eats, he just crawls away to go play his video game. Meanwhile, Sean inhales 4 cookies before Jason comes back for the last one.

I told Sean he had enough and that I didn’t even intend to feed him as many as I did, but I thought Jason was done…so he got 4.

As I’m giving Jason the 5th and final cookie, Sean has a look on his face like, “Who the hell do you think you are giving him MY cookie?” Literally, staring Jason down with the meanest expression his precious little face has ever made.

When all of a sudden he takes his hand and shoves Jason’s head out-of-the-way.

I swear I wish I had it on video. It was the funniest interaction I’ve ever seen between these two and they don’t interact much.

On a daily basis, Jason steals Sean’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) out from under his nose and Sean just crawls away, but I’ll be damned, you take his cookie away and he will smack you.

It made my day.