Forgive Me Blogger For I Have Sinned…Again.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I forget that I even have a blog. I started it to refresh my writing skills and I haven’t even been able to do that as much as I’d like.

I know most blogs have themes and my is kind of all over the place, but tough shit, it’s my blog and I do what I want. 🙂

I want to share the top 3 things that amused me this week. Hey! Maybe that could be my new consistent topic. I can start writing about things that make me giggle. We’ll see. It’s a work in progress. Then again, so am I.

#1 is short and sweet…I got Garth Brooks tickets, woo! It took me six hours dealing with the BS that is Ticketmaster, but I got them and I am happy.

#2…I took Jason for a ride in my car this week and while my dad was buckling him in, Jason slammed the door in his face. That’s not the funny part because he has no patience and always does that. I’ve noticed that things are funnier when you can see them happening, but can’t hear anything. In this case, I’m observing Jason from the outside and all I can see is him kicking and flailing his arms about like he’s screaming for help. Meanwhile, he reaches over to grab the steering wheel and pretends to drive my car. When I finally got to the door, I opened it and asked him, “Are you done?” then he calmly said, “Yeah,” and we drove off.

#3…I’m from Chicago. The Lollapalooza capital. My dad is a 911 dispatcher for the Chicago Fire Department and constantly tells me about his daily phone calls…good and bad. It’s only natural that the fire alarm office gossips with the police department. So today when it rained at Lollapalooza guess where all the stoned festival goers ran for shelter? The porta potties. What happens when multiple people stuff themselves into a shit-filled box? It tips over. Oh the hilarity.

Another upside to this week is that I’m going to Door County, WI on Friday. I’ll be sure to blog out there as I relax my head off and enjoy nature. Maybe I’ll even share a picture or two.

Goodnight folks and thanks for listening.


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