Should I Write a Book?

Jason and Sean
Jason and Sean

You know, I’ve always thought about it. As a writer I’ve always felt like it should naturally be one of my longterm goals. What has stopped me you may ask? Well, I don’t want to write something that long. There’s just something about knowing that you’ve typed up 10,000+ words that is mentally exhausting before you even start.

If I did write a book, it would be about my brothers…and because of them…I think I should.

On December 31, after 21 years of Jason and Sean being undiagnosed we finally had an answer. There is a gene called “BCAP 31” and they are missing six parts of that gene. So far, they are the only case in the United States. There are six others in France, the oldest boy being Jason’s age. The genetic disorder does not have a name, but I want to bring more awareness to it.

I want to describe the kind of life Jason and Sean have, because it’s a good one. I want to teach people to stop being so ignorant when they see a family with mentally or physically challenged children. I want to teach people to stop staring.

My brothers are amazing. They are normal kids trapped in bodies that restrict them. They can’t speak and they deserve to have their story told.

I need to do this for them, but I need help.

It looks like I have some research to do.



One thought on “Should I Write a Book?

  1. I think you as their older sibling would be the best person to give Jason and Sean’s story a life .. a different view from their parent’s and other relative’s .. it would be the side of their lives’ that only you could tell Go for it Dana, bringing life to their story can only do good …

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