Walking Between Two Cities

Tonight I witnessed history.

Nik Wallenda not only walked a tightrope across the Chicago River and broke a record, but across Marina City…one of the greatest pieces of Chicago architecture. I won’t lie, I’ve been calling them the corn cob buildings since I was a kid, but sooner or later I learned the name of my favorite structure and now it just irks me when people don’t know the actual name. Tonight I was standing on the street and some girl shouted, “He’s supposed to walk across those two buildings, whatever their called.” My reaction? Bitch pick up a book. Naturally, I moved far away from her…across the bridge where I had a better view.

I didn’t witness him walking across the river, but I saw the part I wanted to see and that was Wallenda walking between the two towers, or between the city within a city.

You go dude.

Oh, something else that amazed me more than Nik’s tightrope walk? SEEING PEOPLE ACTUALLY STANDING ON THE MARINA CITY BALCONIES! Jesus, those people never come out.

What a nice night to go for a walk...
What a nice night to go for a walk…

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