Thanks Pinterest!

I’m a bank teller and when you hear that you might think that my day ends at five o’clock…well it doesn’t. Usually my day ends at 7 p.m, and I’m starving. I’m always looking for quick 10-minute meals to make myself and thanks to Pinterest and my local grocery store I found my new favorite creation.


Cook the noodles according to the directions on the package and discard the packet of sodium, I mean seasoning.

In a sauté pan brown beef chunks, (I cut mine into tiny cubes)  and add minced garlic, (as much as you’d like) baby corn, (or any other vegetable you prefer) and once all is cooked, mix it together in a bowl with the ramen noodles and add fresh scallions on top.

Once this is done, mix two tablespoons of sesame seed oil and soy sauce into your noodle concoction.

Frying an egg to add on top is optional, but trust me, it makes it more delicious.

I understand that this isn’t a typical recipe and I’m just ranting about food, but hey, that’s what Pinterest is for…


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