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Are You There Spring? It’s Me, Dana.

I promise to never complain when it’s 90 degrees and my thighs are creating their own friction from chub rub…cause right now, this weather has got me singin’…



When You Give Your Parents a Computer…

They will crash it.

Two years ago, I signed up for a Capital One card where I could earn miles on purchases just so I could buy a Macbook Pro. Best decision I ever made. I have a computer that is all my own and the best part, there’s no possible way it can get a virus.

The PC we have is operated by my parents and I have never been so irritated than this past week. My mother is completely illiterate when it comes to printing documents and she plays every single Publisher’s Clearing House contest game on the internet that she can find. She also opens emails from strangers and leaves a million browser tabs open as she walks away from the computer.

My father is not as bad. He can type word documents, he can navigate Facebook. He can also upload pictures to and go pick them up. Therefore, he’s not really to blame in this situation.

For the past two weeks our computer was running slow, wouldn’t turn on, kept shutting down for 3+ hours and all-in-all just crapped out.

In the end, I had to reboot the damn thing to it’s factory settings.

Upon receiving praise from my father and hearing that “there is a spot for me in Heaven” (mostly because I made the desktop background a view of Waikiki Beach) I had to give them instructions like children on the “Do’s and Don’t’s of the computer.”

Now it’s running smooth…so far.

Oh, parents.