Discouraged Dana

It’s safe to say that I’ve applied for at least 75 jobs since I graduated in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. I’ve kept an Excel sheet, so I know this for a fact. I’ve applied for full-time jobs, part-time jobs and basically anything that I qualify for. I landed a freelancing gig that revolves around my passion and honestly if it weren’t for that (or this blog) I’d probably give up on writing all together…or at least for long awhile.

What angers me most is that it’s starting to get personal. I feel unwanted. I feel rejected. I don’t understand why the majority of my applications don’t even get a response. I have experience and a damn good personality to go with it. I’m literally about to pay someone to re-write my resume and cover letter and as a writer, I think that’s bogus, especially if I’m not guaranteed a job once it’s re-written.

The reason I rant is because recently I had a job interview as a cage cashier for a local casino. I’ve been a bank teller for five years and always said that if I weren’t doing the bank thing I would like to be a cashier at a casino. Long story short, I made an impression, a damn good one at that and still got a rejection email. What’s even worse, is the fact that I applied because I’m not getting anything in the field of journalism and working part-time isn’t even an option anymore. Why is it that when you really want something it’s almost a given that you won’t get it? I called it. I’m disappointed that I was right.

I know I’m not the only statistic who hasn’t gotten a job straight out of college, but personally I just think this is getting ridiculous. Has anyone else ever felt this discouraged?


2 thoughts on “Discouraged Dana

  1. I have many friends in your shoes. Overqualified for everything, and having difficultly getting into their field. I actually wrote a post answering the question I receive often as to why I don’t hire the overqualified in retail. It’s a difficult time, but don’t let it be personal, know there are so many applicants out there in your shoes, if they aren’t contacting you that typically means that have quite the influx of applicants, meaning you are not alone. Hoping you find some support. Glad you have received freelance work.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my struggle and offer words of encouragement. It’s hard when you’re so confident that you won’t be a statistic and boom, there’s the reality. Thank you for using the word “overqualified” because I’m so used to thinking that I’m “under qualified.” I feel a bit more optimistic than I did before. 😊

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