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Food Truck Extravaganza

(Inhaling a Döner Box with the bestie.) 

If you live in the Chicago area, check out Schaumburg’s Truckin’ Around Food Truck Extravaganza this year.

I attended one of the many that will be hosted every month until you start to freeze your ass off again and I also wrote an article about it for Roaming Hunger, so read it.


New Opportunities On The Horizon!

Today I had an interview with a recruiter!

The company is called Addison Group and they’re a staffing agency located in Downtown Chicago. My recruiter in particular has worked with fellow Columbia College graduates with similar backgrounds to mine.

She asked me how long I’ve been searching for a job, what kind of jobs I’ve been applying for and if I’m looking for full-time or part-time. I loved how honest I was able to be, because she’s trying to steer me in the best direction possible. She is going to send my resume to GrubHub because of my food background, but they aren’t hiring at the moment so that might take awhile to hear back. Addison Group offer two types of employment, such as contract jobs and contract-to-hire. The recruiter came to her own conclusion that I need something full-time and contract-to-hire.

The end result? My resume is being delivered to a company called CoStar that is affiliated with I would be working Downtown and close to the train station if I get it. I’d also be making $1.50 more than what I’m making now and working Monday-Friday with weekends off.

I’m so excited for this opportunity and it’s all thanks to a customer of mine. Even if CoStar falls through, I’ll have plenty of other options because I have now put my job hunt in the hands of another. What a wonderful feeling.

I have to check in with her next Monday for an update and if all goes well, I’ll just have to complete a phone interview and a background check. I’ll work with the company for 90-140 days and then…I’m a permanent full-time employee.

My adult job is closer than ever.

Good News!

I gathered up some confidence today and made the phone call to my customer’s reference. The woman who I was calling was super nice and naturally I had nothing to worry about all along. I told her that I’ve worked for a bank for five years where I met her coworker and explained how she told me to give her a call.

She told me that she worked for the finance department and I explained that I had a background in Journalism. She promised to transfer me to the right department and I ended up talking to someone who has worked with Columbia College Chicago graduates (like me.) Well, she liked me so much that…SHE WANTS TO MEET ME MONDAY MORNING.

I feel that new opportunities are finally on the horizon and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Thank you to family, friends and fellow bloggers for all the support.

I look forward to keeping you posted!

Dana’s Dilemma

I use my name for alliteration where I see fit, sue me. On another note, I’m facing a minor dilemma…obvi.

A customer of mine who has become a friend offered to assist me in searching for a job. She works for a media company and believes that I would be a good fit for her place of work. She just so happens to work for human resources (ace of a connection) however, she’s given me the phone numbers of two people to call and I’m supposed to tell them that I know her.

Now here’s the dilemma…WHAT THE HELL DO I SAY? She told me to tell them that I’ve been out of school for two years and I’ve had a hard time finding a job in my field, but personally I think it sounds desperate. I’m so used to emailing people my resumé and cover letter that calling a stranger to ask for help seems like a last resort. I mean it is, but I don’t want it to sound that way.

I’m procrastinating like hell, but I plan on working up some courage to call these people on Thursday. I’ll be sure to post an update once I do.

Please feel free to throw some suggestions, words of wisdom, words that might kick me in the ass to do this sooner in the comment box below.