Dana’s Dilemma

I use my name for alliteration where I see fit, sue me. On another note, I’m facing a minor dilemma…obvi.

A customer of mine who has become a friend offered to assist me in searching for a job. She works for a media company and believes that I would be a good fit for her place of work. She just so happens to work for human resources (ace of a connection) however, she’s given me the phone numbers of two people to call and I’m supposed to tell them that I know her.

Now here’s the dilemma…WHAT THE HELL DO I SAY? She told me to tell them that I’ve been out of school for two years and I’ve had a hard time finding a job in my field, but personally I think it sounds desperate. I’m so used to emailing people my resumé and cover letter that calling a stranger to ask for help seems like a last resort. I mean it is, but I don’t want it to sound that way.

I’m procrastinating like hell, but I plan on working up some courage to call these people on Thursday. I’ll be sure to post an update once I do.

Please feel free to throw some suggestions, words of wisdom, words that might kick me in the ass to do this sooner in the comment box below.


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