What a Sh!t Storm of a Month…

I’ll say it again…this month felt like a complete sh!t storm.

At the beginning of it, my boyfriend and I decided to randomly road trip to Denver. All was fine and dandy until I  just so happened to book the Amtrak tickets hours before the one derailed in Philadelphia. Then one afternoon I got a phone call for a possible job opportunity, so naturally I pushed through as far as I could. To make a lengthy story short, there ended up being scheduling conflicts and after a lot of emotional stress for one week solid, I ended up turning down the job.

I applied for 5 jobs before I began my vacation and received an immediate rejection email…naturally.

On the bright side, today I got an email from a company that seems like the real deal and they want to follow up with me further about a possible copywriter position. I’m super excited because I might FINALLY get a job in my field and all of this waiting bullsh!t will be over with. I even negotiated a little, so I feel cool.

The transition is already much more comfortable, but I’m not jinxing it. I learned to just go with the flow and keep it on the down-low. Yeah, I rhymed on purpose. I’m keeping an optimistic attitude and usually when crap like this happens, my monthly article gets published for Roaming Hunger and suddenly I feel better again.

I love this job the most.

By the way, you folks wish you had french fries like these in your town.


The Original Fries with house-made bacon.

Frite Street: Where Fries are the Main Course

Note to readers: I also want to encourage anyone and everyone to take a random road trip to anywhere they want to go. If you have the money and the time…just book it. You’ll be happy you did.



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