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Terrified Sister Moment

Saturday my family and I went to a festival in a nearby neighborhood. While feeding Sean, my littlest brother who you all can read about in earlier posts, ended up in the hospital. 

He is physically and mentally challenged, and was recently diagnosed in December of 2013 (with his older brother Jason). He can’t feed himself, and while my mother was feeding him a hotdog, he choked and vomited it up. It all came out, but then he began to puke up phlegm. He did that for 30 minutes straight, which turned into an hour. His mouth then began to foam, followed by heaving and labored breathing. On that note, we immediately rushed him to the hospital where he was incubated and put on a ventilator.

After that I lost it. Looking at him sedated and struggling broke my heart. I spent all the time I could with him in the ER with my mom and couldn’t stand leaving him alone. I did go home the night it happened around 4am to sleep, as she stayed with him at the hospital. 

Jason had to be at a special needs summer camp out in Grayslake, where he stays for a week with friends, so I relieved my mom at 2pm so that she and my dad could take him. Jason missed his brother. He kept pointing and questioned what was happening.

My Aunt and Uncle kept me company for a few hours and my parents relieved me around 8:45 with McDonald’s coffee. 

As of right now, he is breathing on his own and doing well. He’s fussy and putting up a fight with the nurses when he’s awake, but when he’s asleep it’s because he’s comfortable.

He aspirated, so there will be a video swallow done today to determine when he comes home.

I know he will soon. It’s just hard trying to sleep knowing that this happy little boy is not in his own bed.  



All In a Day’s Work

Hi folks. Life as usual distracted me from blogging, but I’ve been eager to tell a story, therefore I am back in full force. 

June 22nd I started my very first full time job. Not only was it my first big girl job, it was a job that took me two years to find. I feel blessed. There’s no other way to describe it. I even sent the recruiter who hired me a thank you card because she helped start my career. 

I feel so grown up. Things are finally balancing out. All of my hard work has paid off and I’m thankful.

Any who, I write for a company that designs websites for clients such as, dentists, chiropractors and podiatrists. I am the copywriter that writes their press releases, schedules their social media and updates their blogs. I’m learning a lot. Needless to say I am now flossing more and paying closer attention to my well-being.

I’ve found a balance…and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

I wanted to share my very first press release that I ever had published with my followers. 

Thank you for listening. 😊

First published press release.

Weird Al Yankovic

Ok so the concert was two weeks ago but it was so memorable that I had to post about it. Also, I’m on my lunch break and noticed that I need to play catch up with my blog posts. 

If you have never been to a Weird Al Yankovic concert, do yourself a favor and attend a show. He changes his attire for every single song he sings. I can’t even describe the awesomeness in words. In between costume changes he’ll show clips of every single movie or TV show his name has ever been in.

Major respect to Weird Al. It’s not easy writing songs, let alone parodies and it’s about damn time he won Best Album of the year.