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Furry Unbreakable Bond

Because of my brothers disabilities our dad never allowed us to have a dog or a cat. The only animal I was ever allowed to own was a hamster. I had two over a period of time and my bond with each one of them only lasted two years since they had such a short life span. 

I’ve been dating my fiancé for a decade and I am fortunate enough to not only fall in love with him. I fell in love with this precious, gentle, little lioness. She’s a 14-year-old Calico cat that I call my Fur Child. Her name is Baby, and she’s my baby. Words can’t explain how much I adore this creature and how much I miss her when she’s not around. I could only hope and pray that she lives to her prime, because I’ve never been as attached to an animal as I am attached to her. 

And to think, that’s only me. Julio has owned her since she was a palm-sized kitten. 

BUT enough with the emotions. Here’s my Baby. 



Baby is such a Baby


I’m going to start this post off by saying that I’ve never had a dog or a cat. Not because I have two handicapped brothers, but because Jason likes to pull their tails and my parents would feel sorry for the animal. I’ve had hamsters, but they never had to go to the vet…obviously.

So for the first time ever, this morning I had my first vet experience with this precious little feline.

When my boyfriend was 9 he lived next to a man who impounded cars for a living. Nobody noticed a box of kittens in the backseat of a car that was about to be crushed and Baby was the only cat that was able to jump out of the window. She was wandering around the lot when the neighbor found her, and since he couldn’t house the kitten, she was given to my boyfriend’s family. He named her baby because she could fit in the palm of his hand and let me tell you, she lives up to her name.

She’s a spoiled kitty, but she’s the most precious one I’ve ever met. I hated cats for 17 years because my grandma had a devil cat that when I was three, scratched me for no reason what-so-ever. Then I met this sweet ball of fur. So why did I have a change of heart when I met Baby? Well for one, she’s declawed.

Now back to the vet story.

Baby doesn’t cry. She purrs, she meows and does everything but. She’s also an indoor cat. She got into her little cage thinking it was all in good fun, but the minute we got outside I never heard a moan like hers. She wailed the whole car ride and once we got into the office, she finally stopped. I’ve never witnessed an animal in such distress.

After waiting a little bit, the vet came in and it was amusing to see a cat act like a child when they go to the doctor. She was hissing, she was trying to jump off the counter and when she was done she was looking for a treat.

$300 later, after blood work and an antibiotic shot (another expensive reason why I’m glad I never had a dog or a cat) we stepped outside again and it was another 10 minutes of wailing in the car until she got home to her safe place.

Then after we dropped her off we had to go buy her treats, because she hated us.