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Furry Unbreakable Bond

Because of my brothers disabilities our dad never allowed us to have a dog or a cat. The only animal I was ever allowed to own was a hamster. I had two over a period of time and my bond with each one of them only lasted two years since they had such a short life span. 

I’ve been dating my fiancé for a decade and I am fortunate enough to not only fall in love with him. I fell in love with this precious, gentle, little lioness. She’s a 14-year-old Calico cat that I call my Fur Child. Her name is Baby, and she’s my baby. Words can’t explain how much I adore this creature and how much I miss her when she’s not around. I could only hope and pray that she lives to her prime, because I’ve never been as attached to an animal as I am attached to her. 

And to think, that’s only me. Julio has owned her since she was a palm-sized kitten. 

BUT enough with the emotions. Here’s my Baby. 



A Night On The Town

My mom has been obsessed with Hootie and the Blowfish since the 90s, so when I heard Darius Rucker was coming to Chicago I wanted her to see him.

I was in charge of getting tickets and it turns out that when we got there we were sitting closer to the stage than I thought.

We sat 9 rows back and enjoyed the concert from behind the hockey boards. He put on an amazing show and I was happy to enjoy a night out with my parents, but more importantly I’m glad they enjoyed a night out.  


He Liked It So He Put a Ring on It!

This week has been a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions. It all started when my boyfriend whom I have been dating for 10 years (high school sweethearts) proposed to me in Door County, WI. I was very surprised, excited and I couldn’t be happier. My ring has a story behind it, but I’ll save it for next time. The whole thing still doesn’t feel real. However…I’m experiencing the death of my grandparents all over again in full force because I’m upset that they won’t be around to see how my future unfolds. 

I’ll skip ahead, away from the idea of them being there in spirit, but it’s just unfair and not the same. I’m angry and bitter about it and it’s starting to show. 

Today I visited the cemetery because I needed reassurance that they WILL be with me during this process and I strongly had a need to tell them while looking at their name. Even though I know the answer.
The best news to end my trip to emotional hell is that Julio and I get to celebrate our engagement with the family during my Father’s Oktoberfest party. Yay! 


All In a Day’s Work

Hi folks. Life as usual distracted me from blogging, but I’ve been eager to tell a story, therefore I am back in full force. 

June 22nd I started my very first full time job. Not only was it my first big girl job, it was a job that took me two years to find. I feel blessed. There’s no other way to describe it. I even sent the recruiter who hired me a thank you card because she helped start my career. 

I feel so grown up. Things are finally balancing out. All of my hard work has paid off and I’m thankful.

Any who, I write for a company that designs websites for clients such as, dentists, chiropractors and podiatrists. I am the copywriter that writes their press releases, schedules their social media and updates their blogs. I’m learning a lot. Needless to say I am now flossing more and paying closer attention to my well-being.

I’ve found a balance…and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

I wanted to share my very first press release that I ever had published with my followers. 

Thank you for listening. 😊

First published press release.

Weird Al Yankovic

Ok so the concert was two weeks ago but it was so memorable that I had to post about it. Also, I’m on my lunch break and noticed that I need to play catch up with my blog posts. 

If you have never been to a Weird Al Yankovic concert, do yourself a favor and attend a show. He changes his attire for every single song he sings. I can’t even describe the awesomeness in words. In between costume changes he’ll show clips of every single movie or TV show his name has ever been in.

Major respect to Weird Al. It’s not easy writing songs, let alone parodies and it’s about damn time he won Best Album of the year. 



I feel the need to shout “I’m back!” Since I haven’t posted in awhile, here’s some news.

I took a cooking class at Eataly with Lidia Bastianich. The woman is a remarkable soul who knows how to cook.

As of next month I will have an article that I structured/edited published in Special Parent magazine. It’s about a wonderful family of a child with Down Syndrome and its a project that’s close to my heart.

I just wrapped up my article for Roaming Hunger this month and today I got to eat some bad ass French fries or “Frites” as they are called at this establishment.

And I FINALLY got an update from my recruiter and have a phone interview for a FT job tomorrow morning. She’s going to prep me and everything, so…fingers crossed! 

I’m also taking a mini train trip to Denver next week to hopefully celebrate this new chapter!

Now stare at some French fries made with home made bacon, yes, bacon made in house, cheese sauce and scallions. 


The Fat Shallot


Sam Barron and Sarah Weitz are the creators of what has been dubbed the best BLT in Chicago. I mean, look at it. The bacon is as thick as the toast it sits on and the truffle aioli is a signature sauce of theirs that is drizzled on top of the sandwich as well as their “Truffle Fries.” 

Read about them now, cause come May they will have a new deli truck on the road called the “Fat Pickle” and I will be telling you all about it.