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The Year of Declutter

2016 brought many changes good and bad, but that’s all we’re going to say about it. 

In other news, 2017 is my year of decluttering and focus. I may be doing this ass backwards, but sometimes that’s just how I like to do things. Recently, I scheduled an appointment to look at a possible wedding venue next month. Then, a week after the fact, I’m attending a bridal expo. I know what you want to ask me. No, I don’t have a date set and no, I did not make a guest list. So don’t ask me if you are attending. 

For the record, because I’m sure I’ll end up sounding like a broken one if I don’t say this now…I’m not inviting the whole goddamn world and their mothers to my wedding. As I have said once before, not everyone deserves a seat at the table in your life and as of right now, mine is full. 

2017 is the year of declutter. The year of acceptance and the time to take a breath of much needed fresh air. (I started by dusting and decluttering my room today. Hooray adulting!) 

My body is so familiar to the feeling of stress that nearly every part of me shut itself down in some way for the past two months. I’m done trying to keep up with others when I just don’t have it in me. I’m doing this for my mental health as well as my physical. 

2017 is the time to focus on me…and the future hubs. Meanwhile, I got my bulletproof vest on for the bullshit that comes my way.