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A Grilled Cheese Sandwich for the Soul

It’s not chicken soup, but you catch my drift.

I’ve been experiencing some life changes lately and I thought I’d do some reflecting. Nothing drastic, just pondering old relationships and fresh ones while trying to grab a brand new nutritional lifestyle change by the horns. 

Yea, that’s right. I’m buying zoodles, (zucchini noodles), dairy-free milk, and reducing my flour intake…god help me. 

I’ll just cut the shit and admit to you all, that for years, I’ve been lying to myself about having not just a passion for food, but an addiction toward it. This addiction also involves (only) binge eating. 

I will tell you that I am a foodie. This is because I am fascinated by what other cultures eat and the ingredients that fuse so well together when paired. But behind my passion for discovering new dining spots, I struggle with a balance. I don’t have a healthy relationship with food. 

I don’t need to dig down the rabbit hole and bore you with details, but I will say that it is so hard to break bad habits. It is so hard to let go of something that has comforted you for all of your life. It is hard to say goodbye to the routine.

Just writing this makes me realize why I binge. Because it’s so easy to reach for the one thing that has always made you happy and you are certain it will never let you down. (Except when the jeans don’t fit).

Since February of 2013, I have gained 35 lbs over the course of three years. Why? Because I suffered a loss from 3 of my closest grandparents and great grandmother that I seeked comfort for. But I need to realize that I am ok.

I am ok to lead a life without them, knowing that they will stay with me wherever I go. I am ok to thrive, in my career and in my personal life.

I am ok to say no, if it means taking time for myself. I am ok to live a healthier lifestyle that I deserve. 

And I am ok to let go of all of this weight.


Chicago’s Freshest Food Truck: The Corner Farmacy

These underdogs are doing something wonderful for the Chicago community. Not only do Emily, Laura and Lindsay dish out delicious food that looks like this, they only use fresh ingredients from local producers. At the end of the day when the food doesn’t sell they donate their food to families in need. Spread the word of freshness and go support them¬†if you are in Chicagoland area.


Brittney Payton will be filming her Chicago’s Best TV Show at the truck on the 10th of July, so go and tell her why you love The Corner Farmacy!

Chicago’s Freshest Food Truck: The Corner Farmacy

What a Sh!t Storm of a Month…

I’ll say it again…this month felt like a complete sh!t storm.

At the beginning of it, my boyfriend and I decided to randomly road trip to Denver. All was fine and dandy until I  just so happened to book the Amtrak tickets hours before the one derailed in Philadelphia. Then one afternoon I got a phone call for a possible job opportunity, so naturally I pushed through as far as I could. To make a lengthy story short, there ended up being scheduling conflicts and after a lot of emotional stress for one week solid, I ended up turning down the job.

I applied for 5 jobs before I began my vacation and received an immediate rejection email…naturally.

On the bright side, today I got an email from a company that seems like the real deal and they want to follow up with me further about a possible copywriter position. I’m super excited because I might FINALLY get a job in my field and all of this waiting bullsh!t will be over with. I even negotiated a little, so I feel cool.

The transition is already much more comfortable, but I’m not jinxing it. I learned to just go with the flow and keep it on the down-low. Yeah, I rhymed on purpose. I’m keeping an optimistic attitude and usually¬†when crap like this happens, my¬†monthly article gets published for Roaming Hunger and suddenly I feel better again.

I love this job the most.

By the way, you folks wish you had french fries like these in your town.


The Original Fries with house-made bacon.

Frite Street: Where Fries are the Main Course

Note to readers: I also want to encourage anyone and everyone to take a random road trip to anywhere they want to go. If you have the money and the time…just book it. You’ll be happy you did.



I feel the need to shout “I’m back!” Since I haven’t posted in awhile, here’s some news.

I took a cooking class at Eataly with Lidia Bastianich. The woman is a remarkable soul who knows how to cook.

As of next month I will have an article that I structured/edited published in Special Parent magazine. It’s about a wonderful family of a child with Down Syndrome and its a project that’s close to my heart.

I just wrapped up my article for Roaming Hunger this month and today I got to eat some bad ass French fries or “Frites” as they are called at this establishment.

And I FINALLY got an update from my recruiter and have a phone interview for a FT job tomorrow morning. She’s going to prep me and everything, so…fingers crossed! 

I’m also taking a mini train trip to Denver next week to hopefully celebrate this new chapter!

Now stare at some French fries made with home made bacon, yes, bacon made in house, cheese sauce and scallions. 


Food Truck Extravaganza

(Inhaling a D√∂ner Box with the bestie.) 

If you live in the Chicago area, check out Schaumburg’s Truckin’ Around Food Truck Extravaganza this year.

I attended one of the many that will be hosted every month until you start to freeze your ass off again and I also wrote an article about it for Roaming Hunger, so read it. 


New Opportunities On The Horizon!

Today I had an interview with a recruiter!

The company is called Addison Group and they’re a staffing agency located in Downtown Chicago. My recruiter in particular has worked with fellow Columbia College graduates with similar backgrounds to mine.

She asked me how long I’ve been searching for a job,¬†what kind of jobs I’ve been applying for and if I’m looking for full-time or part-time. I loved how honest I was able to be, because she’s trying to steer me in the best direction possible. She is going to send my resume¬†to GrubHub because of my food background, but they aren’t hiring at the moment so that might take awhile to hear back. Addison Group¬†offer two types of employment, such as contract jobs and contract-to-hire. The recruiter came to her own conclusion that I need something full-time and contract-to-hire.

The end result? My resume is being delivered¬†to a company called CoStar that is affiliated with Apartments.com. I would be working Downtown and close to the train station if I get it. I’d also be making $1.50 more than what I’m making now and working Monday-Friday with weekends off.

I’m so excited for this opportunity and it’s all thanks to a customer of mine. Even if CoStar falls through, I’ll have plenty of other options because I have now put my job hunt in the hands of another. What a wonderful feeling.

I have to check in with her next Monday for an update and if all goes well, I’ll just have to complete a phone interview and a background check. I’ll work with the company for 90-140 days and then…I’m a permanent full-time employee.

My adult job is closer than ever.

It’s Happening!

A few weeks ago I responded to an ad on Craigslist to someone who was looking for writers to contribute to a food blog.

Shortly after, I received an email with an opportunity. They wanted me to contribute!

Long story short, I just completed my first article for a food blog called Roaming Hunger.

I’m so excited to be back in my element. The thing I miss most about being down at Columbia College was hunting down food trucks and getting to know the operators. Now I’m getting paid to write for a blog that revolves solely around food trucks. I couldn’t be happier.

My first article is about the Haute Sausage Truck and will be published on October 21st. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Here’s a preview!